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Issue #19

 "World Traveller" stops in the Fraser Canyon

by Crystal Kimber

 When I first met Vladimir Nesin the first thing I noticed was his ruddy complexion, testimony to his vagabond lifestyle.  He is known internationally as "The World Traveller", with a folder of newspaper articles in several languages and photographs to prove it.
 The next thing I noticed were his feet, bare and battered, understandable when you read some of the articles.  Vladimir has travelled over 50,000 km!  His folder produced astonishing photos of Vladimir in Tahiti with a beautiful flowered Tahitian woman , in China, in Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, India, Alaska, California, and, finally, Vladimir in Canada.
 He set out from a small town in Russia about 6 years ago.  Nesin says when the borders opened and Russians were able to enjoy travel, he set off on his adventure, but, he adds, many of his countrymen had no such desires.   At first he would travel for a year and then return to Russia for a month or so, but, he says,  this time he hasn't been home in 2 years.  
  Nesin began his travels with his son, Nikita, now studying in a school in New Zealand.  Nesin hopes to have his son's visa approved within a few weeks, allowing him to rejoin his father on his journey.  
   Nesin is an utterly charming man, open to new cultures and ways.   He filmed himself in a mirror wearing a native Canadian headdress.   He also took footage of our 11 year old daughter trying her first taste of caviar, his gift to us.   He was very interested in the jar of cheese spread, but didn't return for seconds. The fresh honey, however, certainly did meet his approval.
  We asked him if people from his homeland had any false perceptions of  Canada, he says that "they think you have very good hockey players, that's it!"  We also asked him if people were  friendly toward him and if any particular group of people were more hospitable than others.  He assured us that people are the same wherever you go, but that, in general, country people are friendlier than those in the cities. He told us that he was recently in Afghanistan and that the Muslim people are kind and welcoming, but, he hastens to add, it is a very dangerous place to be right now. " I have met some very nice people in Lytton and Boston Bar" says Nesin.   
    Two local men Bill Mc Callum and Gordie Westbrook are playing host to Nesin while he waits for mushroom season  to officially kick-off.   
    One would assume that he speaks many languages and when we asked him about this he laughingly told us a story about his visit to China.  An Asian gentleman told Nesin that to be comfortable with the language he would only need to learn four or five phrases;  Hello, How are you, Thank you , Goodbye  and maybe Excuse me, "Hello" for when he entered the home, "How are you"  which would lead to a very lengthy description of every member of the family, including the children and grandparents, during which time he could drink tea and eat cakes, "Thank you" for the tea, and "Goodbye" when he leaves.   "Excuse me" being good to know, if needed!  
    Where to next?     Nesin says he is almost ready to travel to warmer stomping grounds, he read his e-mail while visiting us and had a message from the aforementioned lovely Tahitian lady, she reminds him that a Samba competition is coming up on Tahiti , November 17th, and she hopes he will be able  to attend.
  If you are interested in checking out Vladimir Nesin's website, you can view some of his breathtaking photos.  You will not be able to read anything because it is in the Russian language, but "Photo Album" is , fortunately, written in English.  Go to
.  "Maybe we will meet in Russia some day!" says Nesin....... Happy Travels Vladimir!

"Building Bridges/New Beginnings"
a Strategy for a Stronger Community

    On September 17th, Boston Bar was host to a  workshop "Finding Our Gifts". FOG is a Health Canada sponsored initiative committed to strengthening and supporting communities.  A  group of local women met to hear a presentation by Anne Morrison, community developer, to learn what we can do as a group to make this a stronger community.  The group decided that a partnership of all service providers in town would be a good first step, to show that they have community support and to portray a spirit of cooperation.  
   Community programming is something we need; programs that will benefit all members of the family.  But how do we figure out what is needed?  The Make Children First Forum in April was helpful in getting people to start thinking about our community in terms of what we have and what we need.  The Fraser Canyon Express Youth Survey  also got input from  the youth.  The FOG group, which named itself "Building Bridges/New Beginnings" (BB/NB)  has now decided to head out into the community to ask what you think we need.  A Community Survey has been developed with only five short questions concerning what we have available now  for community programs and what you would like to see happen in the future.  Members of BB/NB will be bringing them door to door in early November.
    After the survey is completed and all of the data analyzed , they move onto step two; BB/NB will plan a PARTY!  It will be an opportunity for everyone in town to gather in a spirit of goodwill to celebrate our community.  At that time the results of the survey and the plan of action will be unveiled.  Then, the next step will be the most exciting, the group will begin to secure the funds and initiate the programs, whatever they may be.     

Boston Bar needs Town Signage

    The Boston Bar North Bend Enhancement Society is putting out feelers around town for ideas for town signs.  "We don't want people to be limited by our suggestions" said one board member, so it is being left wide open to ideas from town members. These signs would be constructed at the town limits to welcome travellers to our community.  Hopefully the designs would be an accurate portrayal of what our community means, a reflection of who we are.  Designs can be drawn or outlined or whatever is suitable for your particular idea. Ideally, this job would be done locally.   Funds are available to pay for this project.  Contact a member of the Enhancement Society or contact this paper for more information.

RCMP Report

   On Sept 17th- A 40 foot Beaver motorhome driven by a resident of the US was experiencing engine trouble.  The driver pulled over approximately 1km south of the Tunnels Cafe and let his engine idle for a moment.  Unfortunately the parking brake gave way and the vehicle careened over the embankment causing over $200,000 damage.  The driver was launched out of the vehicle before it went off the bank and sustained only minor injuries. Aggressive Towing out of Abbotsford was called in and experienced considerable trouble pulling the large vehicle off  the boulders upon which  it was grounded.
Boston Bar CounterAttack- Alyssa, Charise and Brittany Conkin, Tyler Bizuk, Daniel Baughman, Chandra Aldridge, Michelle Conway, Chelsey Harry, Ms. Kneller, Cst. Steve Holmes, Cst. Jason Fiddler,  Aux. Cst. Ken Conway and Aux. Cst. Jason Greenfield held a "Click In" seatbelt roadblock in front of the Ambulance station.  In three hours, almost 2000 cars were checked, 6 people were found not to be wearing their seatbelts and 4 people were discovered incorrectly wearing their seatbelts .  Constable Holmes  suggested that many people probably buckled up while they were in the line-up, but that the participants' goal was accomplished as the program was to increase awareness.   "All of the kids did a really good job" he adds.

"Computing With Confidence"
-Ask a Computer Pro ---Online Adventures---Webmaster tips and more!

Q-My screen seems too small for some websites, what can I do to get the biggest possible window?
A- If the window is really small on your screen try double clicking on the dark coloured bar across the top of the window, this will make it as big as your screen.  If you still want to see more then click view at the top of your browser window, slide down to full screen    and click once.  This will remove the address bar and the task bar, to restore the window to it's usual size, just click restore at the top right corner of the screen.
Q- Sometimes I really want a friend to see a particular webpage, but I don't think they will go to it if I just send the address. Can I send the page as an attachment?
A- Yes, you can and it is very easy!  Simply go the page yourself, then click on file, slide down to send, slide over and click on page by e-mail.  This will send the webpage as an attachment.
Q- Where can my kids play secure safe online games where they will not be confronted by adult material or advertisements.
A- The best sight I've seen for kids is  It is a secure, kidsafe site.  There is no chat room and e-mail addresses are only obtained  for parental consent                                                                                     
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