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Issue #21

Pin a Poppy in Remembrance
  When is a poppy not a poppy? The decision of the Royal Canadian Legion to return the remembrance poppy to its original black centre is creating a shopping challenge for those Canadians who want to remember the sacrifices of tens of thousands of young men and women who fought and died for our country. Existing supplies of the green centred poppies are being ignored, or rejected, as people look for the new stock to mark this period of remembrance. Planning for the change back to a black centred poppy began soon after the green centre was introduced but was held off until existing stocks were depleted. A donation to the Royal Canadian Legion for either style of poppy will ensure continuation of the many valuable programs of support for deserving veterans. Ron Rivard, Chairman of the Alberta-NWT Command Poppy Fund, stated "Support for the Poppy Drive has grown in recent years as world events make the public more conscious of the importance and sacrifices of our military . All money raised from poppy sales, green or black centred, goes to support veterans or veteran used community projects. It would be a shame if these programs suffered because individuals wanted to make a colour choice."

Remembrance Day Pow Wow in Lytton

The 20th Annual Remembrance Day Pow Wow in Lytton takes place on November 8th, 9th and 10th at Kumsheen Secondary School.  Organizers have been fundraising all year long to make this event  free to the public . Visitors will be able to enjoy crafts, traditional dances,and breath-taking drumming.  Last year 19 drums were in attendance and this year should be no different.  Dancers will arrive from all over the country including the  US.    Food concessions will be available at the school, but free breakfast and supper will be served at The Lytton Memorial Hall . Honorariums will be presented to the  drums, and a princess will receive her sash.  Her responsibility will be to represent the 20th Annual Remembrance Day Pow Wow. The event will bring people together and to remember those  died in service to our country and to honour our war veterans. Doors open at 5pm, Grand Entry at 7pm, on Nov. 8.   Tables for crafts are available for free, but crafters will be asked to donate something from table.  Contact Alice Munroe 250 455- 6608  or Christine

Junior Girls Place in Tourney

    Congratulations to Boston Bar Secondary School's Junior Girls Volleyball team who placed third out of eight at a recent tournament in Ashcroft on October 18th and 19th.                         
                           The team
Lillian Isaac                   Chelsey Harry
Chandra Aldridge           Tamara Campbell
Michelle Conway            Nikita Jack
Charise Conkin               Alyssa Conkin

    The team managed to come out of the tournament with 5 wins and only 1 loss!  Mr. Bruce Becker said he is  very proud of the team and that they played "Awesome"!

The Odd Couple Comes to Hope     by Sharon Blythe
Did you know that Neil Simon, the guy who wrote "The Odd Couple" re-wrote the play for female performers? Yes indeedy!! When he found out that many small theatre and/or acting groups who had no male members were producing his play using women in the starring roles, {and that he was losing out on the royalties because of it}, he wisely decided to re-write the play with Olive and Florence, instead of Oscar and Felix, being the main characters.
    Hope Little Theatre will be putting on the female version of 'The Odd Couple' at the end of November and the beginning of December 2002, with Jeremy Rosenberg as Director.
Anna Gladue has taken on the jobs of Producer/ Assistant Director and Promotions, with Steve Close as Co- Assistant Director. A lot of the dialogue is the same I am told, but some of the situations have been changed to suit the the female version. For instance Florence and Olive play whist or scrabble or some such thing, instead of poker.
    This years production will be held in the HOPE CANADIAN LEGION HALL.., {Branch #228} on Fort Street, across from The Hope Art Gallery.
                     The CAST
FLORENCE -Marlene Easterbrook
OLIVE -Linda Pederson
VERA -Jackie White
RENEE -Marianne Preston
MICKEY - Jinny Kipp
SYLVIA -Robbin Williams
JESUS -Rick Easterbrook
MANOLO -Shawn Koopman    

    For an added twist., Hope Little, Little Theatre, consisting of children aged 6 years to 12years, will be putting on a vignette at each Little Theatre performance. This group was started last June by Anna Gladue. Serious rehearsa1 periods started this September, with the young actors and actresses now ready to put on their first small production.
RCMP Report
Update- Former Boston Bar resident Todd O'Toole, whose arrest was reported in this paper earlier this year,  later skipped on his bail and had been eluding police for a time.  During the week of October 21, police received information that he had been holing up in Grande Prairie.  Police apprehended him and he is now in custody on several US warrants.
In the early hours of October 29th, 2 males were reported siphoning gas from parked vehicles in the Sumac area.  One witness got the plate number of the suspects vehicle, which police immediately determined to be a stolen vehicle out of 108 Mile Ranch.  Police later discovered the vehicle abandoned at the pullout just South of Hells Gate.  Dogs were brought in and the two suspects, males aged 14 and 16, were  discovered huddled among the rocks by the Tunnels Cafe.  The 16 year old is wanted by 100 Mile House RCMP on other charges including Break and Enter.
10-12 Marijuana plants were apprehended from a hillside behind North Bend Crescent.  Police were notified of the presence of the plants by an anonymous tipster, who had been riding his bike along a mountain bike trail.  The Fraser Canyon Express asked police about this trail and were told that the trail was originally a fire access road.  Recent concerns about the removal of trees in this "Red Zone" are unfounded they say, as only a few shrubs and saplings had been removed in creating the 3' wide trail, which police say is on otherwise well-treed land. There is no danger to local homes .  The original fire road would never have been created in the first place, say police, if there was a real danger of slides. No charges were laid, but the plants were confiscated by RCMP.
On Oct. 30th-Police were called to The Green Canyon Restaurant where a man had assaulted a woman.  He had beaten her and prevented her from leaving.  She was taken to hospital with injuries to ribs and arms.  The man was charged with assault causing bodily harm, uttering threats, and forcible confinement.  He has a lengthy criminal record of violent crimes and was released under strict conditions to stay away from the woman. The man has now left town.
Halloween went very well, say police.  "It was DEAD" said one officer with a chuckle.  The fireworks display was very well attended and no reports of vandalism or pranks were received by police this year.

"Computing With Confidence"
-Ask a Computer Pro ---Online Adventures---Webmaster tips and more!

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus solutions, announced the latest in a series of monthly charts counting down the ten most frequently occurring viruses and hoaxes as compiled by the company.
 For October 2002, the virus chart is as follows, with the most frequently occurring virus/hoax at number one:

    1. W32/Bugbear-A      77.6%  
    2. W32/Klez-H            6.2%
    3. W32/Opaserv-A      2.5%  
    4. W32/Yaha-E           1.1%
    5. W32/Badtrans-B      0.8%
    6=.W32/Nimda-D       0.7%
    6=.W32/Opaserv-C     0.7%  
    6=.W32/Opaserv-D      0.7%  
    9. W32/Elkern-C         0.6%
    10.W32/Opaserv-B     0.5%  

The top ten hoaxes reported during Oct. are as follows:   
    1. JDBGMGR                                     35.7%
    2. Budweiser frogs screensaver              6.5%
    3=.Meninas da Playboy                         4.4%
    3=.Hotmail hoax                                   4.4%
    5=.A virtual card for you                       3.3%
    5=.Bill Gates fortune                             3.3%
    7. Frog in a blender/Fish in a bowl         2.7%
    8. WTC Survivor                                    2.6%
    9. JS/Exploit                                           1.7%
    10.Applebees Gift Certificate                  1.6%
 "After seven months at the top, Klez-H has finally been knocked off its perch by the Bugbear worm," said Chris Wraight, technology consultant at Sophos, Inc.  "Bugbear is a box of tricks that not only spreads via email and network shares, but can also log the victim's keystrokes -- allowing hackers to monitor everything a user types from passwords to bank account details."
   Protection against Bugbear was made available by anti-virus vendors as soon as the worm was discovered.  Users are urged to keep their anti-virus software up-to-date and to regularly download patches to make their operating systems as robust as possible.  Bugbear itself exploits vulnerabilities in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer in order to spread.
   Sophos has made available a free, constantly updated information feed so users can always find out about the latest viruses and hoaxes:   For more information about safe computing, including anti-hoax policies, please visit:

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"Computing With Confidence" Sponsored by Free Rein Associates, Hope BC