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Issue #24

CPR Holiday Train

  The Canadian Holiday Train starts outside Toronto on Dec. 5, and visits dozens of communities  on its 16-day journey to the West Coast. In addition to many of its regular stops, the Holiday Train will make its debut in Windsor, Ont., the Ottawa Valley, and parts of central Saskatchewan. Award-winning Canadian performers Tom Jackson , Beverley Mahood , Amanda Stott , and Duane Steele  will entertain crowds at many scheduled stops. Tracey Brown  and Randall Prescott  will join the Canadian tour from Moose Jaw, SK., to Port Moody, BC.
  Unlike last year, when we enjoyed an hour long show, the train will only make a ten minute stop in North Bend, on Dec. 20th at 2:30pm.  Residents are invited to come out and see the thousands of lights that decorate the Holiday Train, and say hello to the performers.
   The Fraser Canyon Express CPRailway Police Safety contest winners from 2001 and 2002 are invited to come see the Holiday Train and have their photos taken with Tom Jackson.
  The CPR Holiday Train helped collect over 25 tons of food and over a half million dollars for  food banks in its previous three years.  In addition to food and money collected along the way, CPR will donate over $100,000 to Canadian food banks

Come and greet the Holiday Train, bring a donation of money or food items to the event.  This year's schedule is as follows:

Lytton, BC Fri., Dec. 20, 1:00 p.m.- 1:10 p.m. Near the CPR Station
North Bend, BC Fri., Dec. 20, 2:35 p.m. -2:45 p.m. Near the CPR Station
Agassiz, Fri., Dec. 20, 5:00 p.m. - 5:20 p.m. Pioneer Road, Ag. Centre

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I was driving out of town the other day and saw something that I found very disturbing.  Just on this side of China Bar tunnel there is a big ugly sign that has a hazard symbol and a large bear on it.  The sign says "Bear in Area, don't get stuck here."  It looks at first glance like a legitimate warning sign, but on a closer look, it is actually a BCAA advertisement.  Basically what it is saying, to my understanding, is that if you get stuck in or near Boston Bar, you are in a bad place.  I don't think this is a message we should allow to be sent to travellers through our area.  I suggest that the local service station put up a sign right beside it that says, "If you do break down here, help is just around the corner in the friendly little town of Boston Bar" and then the phone numbers of several businesses in town for accommodation, food and auto service.  I also suggest that everyone phone BCAA and request that they remove the sign.
                                                                                ---Happy to be "stuck" in Boston Bar

Q-What happened when Santa's cat swallowed a ball of yarn?
A-She had mittens.
Q-What do reindeer have that no other animals on earth have?
A-Baby reindeer.
Reminder to Residents

 In this coming year please remember to post your event in this paper.  We print 1000 copies and we have a gorgeous website full of fun and informative info, found no where else.  Hundreds of people have come to rely on The Fraser Canyon Express for local news and events so why worry about flyers and mail outs when you can have your event advertised in the paper?  
  With the recent financial crunch in our area, many of our advertisers have opted out of buying spots in our town paper.  Everyone should be reminded that without our corporate sponsorships this paper will not be possible, please tell our advertisers that you saw their ads .  We know you love The Fraser Canyon Express, please help us keep it coming!  Remember to get a subscription if you can't ever get a copy, just $36/yr!
North Bend Recollections (1926-1938)
No.9                               Mount View Hotel                          W.(Bill) Young
   In my "North Bend Recollections" Article No.7, I wrote about North Bend's first hotel - the C.P.R. owned Fraser Canyon House which opened in January 1887.
    But this was not the only hotel built in North Bend during the latter l880s. In those early years, the C.P.R. must have encouraged (or at least, did not discourage) privately financed businesses to become established in the community.  North Bend's second hotel was a case in point - the privately owned Mount View Hotel which, I believe, was built in the 1890's. It was located immediately to the north of the C.P.R. 's Fraser Canyon House.
    During the 1930's, this two story hotel had become an apartment building and was affectionately known by the locals as "The Pig's Ear". At the present time, the beverage room in Boston Bar's Charles Hotel is known as "The Pig's Ear Saloon". While I don't know whether the name originated in North Bend or Boston Bar, I suspect that it was probably the former.
    Connected to the northern wall of the Mount View Hotel (or The Pig's Ear Apartments, if you wish) was Stevenson's Lunch Counter. I'll be writing about this lively and active business of the 1930's in a future "Recollections" article. Unlike Fraser Canyon House, both the original Mount View Hotel building as well as the Lunch Counter annex are still standing to-day although, of course, the Lunch Counter has not seen any activity for many, many years. .
    Growing up in North Bend in the 1930's, I had the opportunity to visit "The Pig's Ear" Apartments on numerous occasions. My father worked regularly with a brakeman by the name of Mr. Devitt -affectionately known as "Dad" Devitt. Mr. Devitt's family had decided not to move to North Bend so he had rented a room on the second floor of "The Pig's Ear".  My parents would periodically invite "Dad" Devitt home for dinner when he and my dad were not away "on the road" -. especially for Christmas and New Year dinners. Thus, along with my dad, I had opportunities to visit "Dad" Devitt in his single room at "The Pig's Ear".
    Many years after leaving, I visited North Bend and was disappointed to note that the apartment block had deteriorated considerably. Still later on another visit, however, I was pleased to see that the building had been "spruced up"with a new siding facade and looked as good as ever.
    During the 1930's, I do not recall any homes in North Bend being vacant for a new siding facade and looked as good as ever.
    During the 1930's, I do not recall any homes in North Bend being vacant for very long. All were being used. This  included the old Mount View Hotel which always seemed to be fully occupied. To-day, "The Pig's Ear" apartment building is still being used and while the expansive lawn area in front of the building is no longer there, the old Mount View Hotel (or "The Pig's Ear", if you wish) is still contributing positively to North Bend's accommodation needs. (I'd like to hear from any readers who may have lived in North Bend in the 1930s. E-Mail:"billem@")

The 2002 May Day Committee would like to extend a big thank you  to the many businesses who purchased ads in our flyer.  Our 75th Annual May Day was a celebration to remember, we couldn't have done it without their generous contributions.      
  Erica Publishing  supported us by supplying our flyers at no cost and Dr. Forde donated the beautiful carving for our raffle. Thank you to the following :

The Forman Group of Companies
Green Canyon Restaurant
J.B.'s Drive-in
Boston Bar Towing & Mechanical
Charles Hotel Ltd
Fraser Canyon Market
Canyon Husky
Smokey Mountain Enterprises Ltd.
Old Town Inne Neighbourhood Restaurant
Blue Lake Resort
Boston Bar Esso
Fraser Canyon Family Place
Boothroyd Indian Band
RCMP Boston Bar Detachment
The Fraser Canyon Express
Fraser Valley Regional Library

im & Vicky's Horseback Adventure B&B
Canyon Lanes (Sears/Video Rental/Water Store)
Kahmoose Store & Gas Bar
Pharmasave - Hope
Visitor Info Centre - Lytton
Grandma's Tunnels Cafe
Hell's Gate Airtram
Siska Art Gallery & Museum
Spuzzum First Nation
Two Rivers Hardware Ltd.
Kanaka Bar Cafe
Hope Auto Body Ltd.
Helen's $ Sense
Revy - Hope
Cheyenne Sports
Barton Insurance Brokers
Cooper's Foods
Valley Helicopters Ltd.
Blue Moose
Gardner GM
Napa Auto Parts
Hope Motor Hotel
Envision Financial
Erica Publishing
Dr. Forde
RCMP Report

Residents are reminded of the Meet and Greet on Thursday Dec. 19th, 7:30pm at the Boston Bar hall.  The event is to introduce us to Inspector Bud Mercer.
Counterattack has been in full force for the last few weeks and although no impaired drivers were caught, police did make several charges on other offences. Drugs were found in one vehicle, and a prohibited weapon in another, the driver of the second vehicle was also charged with having a stolen validation tag.
On Dec. 6th-As most residents are already aware, a horrifying motor vehicle accident occurred just north of Boston Bar where Nine Mile Bridge is under construction.  Two elderly Lytton residents were killed when a semi slammed into them resulting in a chain reaction collision of several other vehicles.  The small car burst into flames and rescue attempts by other motorists were unsuccessful. The driver of the semi has been charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing death.  He appeared in court on Dec. 9th.

Edgar Guest

Some folks I know, when friends drop in
To visit for awhile and chin,
Just lead them round the rooms and halls
And show them pictures on their walls,
And point to rugs and tapestries
The works of men across the seas;
Their loving cups they show with pride,
To eyes that soon are stretching wide
With wonder at the treasures rare
That have been bought and gathered there.
But when folks come to call on me,
I've no such things for them to see.
No picture on my walls is great;
I have no ancient family plate;
No tapestry of rare design
Or costly woven rugs are mine;
I have no loving cup to show,
Or strange and valued curio;
But if my treasures they would see,
I bid them softly follow me.
And then I lead them up the stairs
Through trains of cars and Teddy bears,
And to a little room we creep
Where both my youngsters lie asleep,
Close locked in one another's arms.
I let them gaze upon their charms,
I let them see the legs of brown
Curled up beneath a sleeping gown,
And whisper in my happiness:
"Behold the treasures I possess."

END 2002