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Issue 6, 2003

There's old ....and then there's Old

by Crystal Kimber

  The old houses beside Fraser Canyon Market are getting facelifts.  Passers-by may notice an airplane lawn-whirly mounted on a pole outside the one house. This house is filling up quickly with antiques and oddities.  
    As for the antiques, I took a short tour with the owner , Bob Walsh.  When discussing antiques there are generally two kinds; old and Old.  The new shop, which temporarily sports it's former name, Mile 44 Antiques & Decor, has both kinds.  Knick-knack shelves bristle with 1940's figurines, pocket knives, and sterling silver salt and peppers.  And on the walls are, among other things, a hundred and forty year old hand-carved mirror and original oils and Ojibwa art.   Two hundred year old pottery sits beside 1960's glassware.  But my favourite display is the extensive collection of antique jewellery, rhinestones, garnets, earrings, brooches, bracelets, you name it. Walsh tells us that he specializes in lamps and he pointed out a beautiful antique swag lamp, dripping with ruby coloured crystals and silk tassels, “I have 7 of those”, he said proudly.  Lining the walls are stacks of boxes. Shiny things peek out of newspaper and lamps sit in pieces, waiting to be assembled.  Weird shaped ornaments made of antlers and a huge gorgeous brass and mother of pearl crab-shaped  tray compete for table space.
     Walsh is also an accomplished carver, the airplane lawn whirly is one example of his earlier work, but he has since moved on to carousel horses and other more detailed pieces.
      The other little house which appears to have been gutted, is also Walsh's.  He is planning to finish renovations and open a “Windsong Arts and Crafts”, selling native craft supplies and hand-crafted articles.  He has other exciting ideas up his sleeve as well.
      “Eventually, if all goes well, I hope to employ three or four  people,  he says .
Walsh  plans to have the antique shop open by mid-April, the craft shop much later.
RCMP Report
March 2nd- In the early hours of the morning, a pick-up truck was stolen from Boothroyd reserve.  The truck, which was only two or three years old was driven down to the at the bottom of Florence Hill and abandoned on the CN train tracks.  Apparently, although the train operator was aware that the tracks' switches had been affected, there was no indication of an obstruction on the tracks and the truck was hit by the train around 4:30 am.  The pick-up was totalled, but luckily no one was injured in the incident.  Two men were seen walking up the highway in the general area of the incident.   RCMP are asking for anyone who may have information to please contact either the Boston Bar Detachment or Crimestoppers.
March 3rd- A vehicle stolen out of Surrey was recovered from the 5km point on the South Ainslie forest access road.  Police are also asking for anyone with information about this crime to please come forward.