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Issue #9  Nov. 5, 2001

Local Men Face Charges in Connection with Stolen Cars

    Two local men are facing possible charges of possession of stolen property obtained by crime, removal of vehicle identification numbers, unsafe storage of firearms and possession of a controlled drug or substance.   One of the men, Glen Stein spoke with The Fraser Canyon Express and would like the public to understand his situation.  
   Stein says he has  serviced as many as 40 vehicles since he moved here a few months ago.  People do not need to be concerned about the parts he installed in their vehicles, he says. He would like to assure everyone that he did not operate a "Chop-shop" ( the dismantling of stolen vehicles for parts) as has been alluded to in the media.   "I have receipts for the parts I installed", he says.  Anyone who currently has a vehicle on his lot need not worry.   "None of these vehicles are involved in the investigation", says Stein, although he wonders why police felt it necessary to search all of the privately owned vehicles on his lot, " Any jobs I am currently doing will be completed as promised" .
   The investigation is centred on two stolen vehicles, a Jeep Cherokee, and a GMC Safari van. He says  he obtained these vehicles through a somewhat unwise deal involving the trade of  a computer and other items . Says Stein, "The vehicles had no papers so I had them in the back lot, while I decided what to do with them."   In order to try to cut his losses, he traded VINumbers and insured the vehicles.  Stein is adamant that he was in no way involved in the theft of the vehicles, and had no knowledge that they were stolen.  
   " I was 100% co-operative with the police" , he says . " I just told the truth, I don't have anything to hide.  People will think what they will, but I just wanted to quell some of the rumours and maybe salvage some of my reputation".   
    The second man involved could not be reached for comment.

                                           Letter to the Editor
Dear Fraser Canyon Express,
     I understand that this little paper of our community wanted to know the truth of what happened to a couple of young men on Tuesday evening.  It would be so nice to think that as a community it was information they wanted to know so they could help or say "Gee, I'm sorry"- but not so.  It seems there are a few people in this town who thrive on other people's misfortunes and instead of opening their own dirty laundry bag, they dig a little deeper into the ones just opened and try to hurt the families and friends of the accused, not  guilty yet, families and hurt them some more.  The day before this the gossip was that someone was fired from the mill the day after they tried to get two people fired from their jobs,  WOW! nice community, and when it all comes down to the truth, let me say this once, it's so sad as so-called Christians and with so much hatred in the world that a little community this size has about 5 or 6 people in it that cannot get over hurdles from the past and wake up every morning wondering how and whom they can hurt on that day.  I am not angry and I am not hurt, I still have my job, my son, my husband  and true friends and they all stand behind us.  As a community, I wouldn't  turn to you for help if I were laying on a road dying.  Open your own closet doors and clean up your own dirty messes and leave me and my family out of your coffee breaks.  I don't need help from any of you, and I certainly don't wish to be your friends.
   So the statement to this town and paper is this is not a nice community, nor are the people nice.  There is not one person in town that does not have dirty little secrets and past lives and I see no reason for them to be anyone else's problems.  There's they who look in the mirror everyday and they know the truth. The truth here is that no one is guilty of any crime until proven so.
  Leave me and my family out of your horseshoe conversations and go on with your mean and selfish lives, talking and picking on someone else.
                                                                                  Thanks,   Bev Peters

  Fvrd Update               by Terry Raymond

     I received only one letter of support for the cross walk in Boston Bar, however I am still working at getting the crosswalk.
    Another ongoing concern has been the centre and fog lines on the highway and their lack of reflection. Highways have been conducting tests on various paints to see how they stand up to traffic wear. These test are being conducted in the Fraser Valley on the freeway where, even Highways admits, the conditions are very different than in the Canyon (makes one wonder why they are only doing tests in the valley?).   
    Aylmer Carlson pool, under excellent guidance by the staff, has a budget surplus this year so I am placing it in a reserve fund as we are going to have to replace the roof and do some work on the pool basin very soon.
   C.N. water issue in Boston Bar.   After a users meeting was held, a working committee was formed that will focus on resolving the water issue. The members of the volunteer group are Johnny Grimm, Arvil Owens, Al and Cindy Walton and Terry Raymond.   If you have any questions please contact one of us, we will keep you informed as we progress.
   We should be seeing Fraser Canyon Watch, record and report aggressive drivers, signs going up soon.   These signs are paid for by sponsors, they cost between five and six hundred dollars.   An individual, group or company can pay the entire cost or make a contribution ( any amount) towards a sign.   If anyone is interested please contact me. All the signs have to be paid for in advance before they are installed, we have two and a half paid for, leaving the same to go.
   On Sunday October 14,  you may have noticed a group of young people in high-vis vests picking up litter along the roads in Boston Bar.    It was the counter attack group. Not only has this group helped immensely in slowing traffic in our community and educating the public on traffic safety but they are helping to clean up our communities.   A big "Thank-you" goes out to all the participants, your efforts do not go unnoticed and are very much appreciated. Well done.
   I have received letters on the proposed helicopter landing site at the Canyon Alpine, none have been in favour, they have been forwarded to the appropriate ministry as well MLA.       B.C. Assets and Lands has the final say on this matter.
  I have been meeting with a group of health care providers and the Hope Community Health Advisory Committee as we are planning a "Health Fair" on Saturday, November 10 at the Coquihalla School in Hope, 10:00am to 3:00pm. Admission is by donation to the Hospital Auxiliary.
  I have also been involved in meetings dealing with softwood lumber, air quality, treaty, health, land, water, protected areas and the new community charter issues and how they will affect the Regional District.
    As Chair of the Fraser Valley Regional District,  I spend most of my time in Chilliwack.   I can be reached by phoning 1-800-528-0061 (toll free).

  Valley Helicopters Proposes a Community Heli-pad

  Valley Helicopters Ltd. has submitted an application for a community heli-pad to be situated across the road from The Canyon Alpine Motel.
  The plan will include a berm; a constructed hill of land that will provide a sound barrier for the pad.  This berm is expected to greatly reduce any noise issues.
  Fred Fandrich of Valley Helicopters, says that he has been using this particular site since 1974 and  the location is ideal .  It is centrally located for the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, who currently use this spot as a starting point for river patrols. People from Fisheries drive up from Lillooet and stay at The Canyon Alpine Motel, they also dine at The Canyon Alpine Restaurant.  If this goes through, future customers undoubtedly will also spend money elsewhere in town.
  Many letters of support were submitted with the proposal , including ones from the Ministry of Forests and BC Ambulance.  This heli-pad will also be used by the Air-vac helicopters in medical emergencies, and has been used by the RCMP and many other private companies.
 Valley Helicopters currently maintains a fuel cache there and security is very good, says Fandrich.  The risk of vandalism and theft is minimal due to the vigilance and proximity of neighbours, there is also the benefit of a restaurant and motel.  The Boston Bar airstrip, located near Boothroyd., does not offer the same amenities.
  The only conceivable opposition is the possibility that the large, noisy logging  helicopters may use the pad.  This is unlikely to be a problem,  Fandrich tells us  , as heli-logging , in this area, has significantly dropped off in recent years and is expected to continue to decline.  Besides, says Fandrich, if he controls the heli-pad, he will be able to govern it's use,  and the logging helicopters will not be allowed to land there.

                                                           RCMP Report
    The kids from Counter-Attack, received a $500 grant from the Regional District to pick up garbage along Chaumox road and Old Boston Bar Road.  They filled 20 industrial sized garbage bags.  The money will be used to attend a conference, at Vernon`s Silver Star Resort, being held from Nov. 29- Dec.1.  The reason for  this conference is for the kids to learn how they can play a part in reducing the #1 cause of death of youth; car crashes.  (More about this in the BB School News.)
   On Oct. 17,  a vehicle was vandalized at Nahatlatch.  A mushroom picker, from Mackenzie, found his vehicle had been trashed resulting in $1000 damage and the theft of $1000 property. The  tail-lights, tail-gate,  a CD-player and gas had all been stolen.  Nasty words had also been written on the vehicle.  Police are asking anyone with information about this incident to please contact them.
  On Oct. 29, at approximately 6:30 pm, police were called to a single vehicle accident on Hwy 1, just south of Sailor Bar tunnel.  The driver of a rented cube van had apparently lost control of his truck, hitting a rockface and flipping the truck onto it's side.  The truck eventually came to a rest in the middle of Hwy 1, blocking both lanes.   A 50 yr old Vancouver Island man will be facing charges of impaired operation of a motor vehicle and driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level greater than 80mg%.  His first appearance will be in Hope Provincial court on Nov. 20, 2001
  Police are investigating a number of credit card frauds  and  forged   cheques.    All  businesses are
advised  to be especially cautious if presented with third party cheques and credit cards.
  Bad weather, has resulted in more minor motor vehicle   accidents.  Rainy  conditions   and    early
morning frost make the roads very hazardous this time of year.  Please reduce your speed accordingly.
          Phone call to the Editor

  The Fraser Canyon Express received a phone call
from " Concerned Moonshine".    He  is concerned
because  he   sees people   needlessly   endangering
themselves by walking along Chaumox Road in the
dark, wearing dark clothing.  This is an  extremely
black stretch of road, especially on  moonless  nights,
and  he would    like   to   encourage   people to  
wear light coloured   clothing,  carry    flashlights,
or   put reflective tape on their jackets.