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                              Issue #10  

Stolen Truck Speeds Through Police Roadcheck

  On Monday, November 12, a multi-agency  roadcheck comprised of Conservation  officers, and RCMPolice Officers from the Hope Highway Patrol and Boston Bar Detachment was set up just south of Boston Bar.  A small pickup truck with 3 occupants stopped briefly for police and then sped off at a high rate of speed  through the Village of Boston Bar.  The truck was located  a short time later at a lookout just north of Boston Bar.  It had purposely been launched driverless over the embankment according to witnesses at the scene.   The occupants had fled on foot down the embankment.
  A short time later a 44 yr old man from Langley and a  23 yr old Chilliwack woman were taken into custody.  These individuals were identified as being two passengers in the truck.  The truck, a 1993 Dodge Dakota pickup, had been stolen from Mission on November 3, 2001.  The driver was not located.
  On Tuesday, Nov. 13, a 33 yr  old man from Clearbrook was arrested by members of Boston Bar Detachment while attempting to hitchhike out of town.  He was found to be the subject of a warrant of arrest for possession of  property  obtained by crime, dangerous driving and driving while prohibited.  The warrant stemmed from an incident taking place in Mission involving a stolen vehicle and a police pursuit.
  Upon further investigation, it was determined that this man was the driver of the stolen truck that had fled the police roadcheck on Nov. 12.  The man was taken to Hope and appeared in  Hope Provincial Court on numerous charges.
 On Nov. 14, Gerald Gerrassimos Katerelos plead guilty to one count of possession of property obtained by crime and one count of failing to stop for police.  He has been sentenced to 10 days jail time plus time served.  The charges stemming from the Mission incident are still before the courts.

To the editor,

       Regarding the recent item about people walking along Chaumox Road at night, wearing dark clothing.  "Concerned Moonshine" is absolutely right.  However, something else that would help is if people who were under the influence of alcohol and drugs stayed off the road.
      Regarding Bev Peters' letter about gossip, I couldn't really care less about the gossip concerning her.  However, Mrs. Peters has given us enough juicy tidbits, that now I'm really interested.  Perhaps Mrs. Peters could give us the complete details in a future letter to the editor.  It's not really fair to leave us hanging in the air like that.
                                                               - - An Observer of the local scene--

Excerpt from a letter ...............................................
Beautiful, young, hard-working Ms. Kimber,            (shh, everyone, I hear you snickering)
                           re: your very interesting and informative Fraser Canyon Express,
Would you, could you send me a street map of Boston Bar, because I hope to visit up there after Xmas depending on weather etc. The first copy that I received, I sent to Cranbrook, this issue will go to Prince George.  Usually read each issue slowly, twice, before sending it on to friends.  Please be sure to say "hi" to the lady in the store ( The Fraser Canyon Market) that gave me your phone number.  What is the population of Boston Bar?
                                                                                                           - Larry (Yale, BC)
**Note from the editor,

            Although I will reluctantly concede that gossip may sometimes be an interesting read, sadly, it is often at the expense of someone's feelings.  It is not the intent of this paper to cause anyone embarrassment, however it IS your community paper and I feel obliged to publish most letters I receive. When editing a newspaper for the public, I think  it is necessary to draw a line somewhere between propriety and offensiveness. With your consent, I will use my discretion when deciding not to print a letter which may slander, ridicule or embarrass a fellow member of our community. So, I apologize if your letter does not appear in print, for one of the above reasons I may have deemed it unsuitable for publication.  
         By the way, what is the population of Boston Bar?                           -C.K.

In memory of Ambrose D. Roberts          I am an Eagle

     A bird watcher is slowly walking through my domain, with my powerful eyes, I see him moving slowly through the bush.  Suddenly a crack of a gun is heard.  I spread my powerful wings and take flight from high atop a great cedar tree.  My white hair on my head settles in place as I fly over mountaintops.  My eyes ever searching for the slightest movements.  My home is the Great cedar, lakes, mountaintops.  I fly for miles, with great ease.  As I catch the updrafts with my powerful wings so I can get higher, my strong legs are always ready to catch an unsuspecting fish as I fly over the lakes. I see with my powerful eyes a movement in the lake, a fish.  I circle to get a better view.  My white hair and black body are ready. The great eagle is ready.  I turn to the wind.   I am coming out of the sky with such great speed.  My talons sink deep into the water.  I feel the water above my white head, my talons sink deep in the back of Mr. Salmon.  The water is flowing over my body down to my white tail.
As I pull out of the water, the salmon is very heavy.  I pull with all my strength, my powerful wings pull me up.. up.. higher and higher.  Mr. Salmon is locked in a death grip.  I circle up to my Great cedar.  Approaching the Great cedar, I see my family, Mother Eagle and four babies waiting to be fed.  I land with great ease.  The children are very hungry.  I tear pieces of Mr. Salmon with my razor sharp beak, so my children can swallow the food.  I give Mother eagle the head  to make soup for the babies.  I push off with all my strength to return to my domain.  I fly high over mountaintops, rivers and lakes.  I fly higher and higher.

                                                                               ---submitted by Gary Barnett, Boston Bar

         Aromatherapy, not all about scented candles and incense
                                                                                                                   by Carol Bergstrom

      Many people may believe that aromatherapy treatments  are just "smell sessions", as the name might imply, but there is a lot more to it.
             Special blends of aromatic essential oils are selected with specific ailments in mind, depending on the clients needs.  The aromatherapy session is carried on in a private room and consists of a full body lymphatic massage.   A client will enjoy the royal treatment as the health practitioner massages their feet, calves, thighs, stomach, hands, arms, head , back, neck ,  
and shoulders .  This treatment follows the lymphatic system which helps to detoxify the body.  The benefits  include increased circulation, relief of stress, improved digestive function, and an overall feeling of well-being for the client.  Soft, restful music plays in the background and conversation is kept to a minimum  People will sometimes fall asleep on the table and this is good ,  relaxation is the key.
    Essential oils play a very important role in an aromatherapy threatment, each oil has specific therapeutic properties which make them extremely powerful for healing the body.  Peppermint, you may remember from a previous article, is good for headaches,  basil is used for general aches and pains, bergamot is an excellent choice for the treatment of acne and skin infections or psoriasis,  and ylang-ylang is a well-known aphrodisiac.  I would like to caution anyone who would try an essential oil treatment at home, these oils are very strong and only a few can be used full- strength.  A carrier oil, such as mineral oil or olive oil, must be used  to prevent burning the skin, only a few drops of an essential oil are  sufficient.  The exceptions are lavender oil  and tea tree oil,  which may be applied `neat'.
    A full- body lymphatic massage is a way to truly treat the body like a temple.  Give me a call at the Hope and District Rec. Centre, for an appointment or to discuss any  of the other great ways to  treat yourself right.   Anyone from Boston Bar who comes for a treatment will receive a 10% discount.  Give me a call at 604-869-2304  

                                    Snip and Save, It's a Snap!

    You can help our school kids and support Cerebral Palsy just by saving a few things that you would normally throw away.  Here is a list of who saves what:

All used postage stamps-  The Pythian Sisters collect any used and cancelled postage stamps.  These stamps are taken to a grand meeting in May, and are then added up for money to support Cerebral Palsy.  If you would like to save stamps for this cause, they can be dropped off at Canyon Lanes for Lori Ferguson.

Coopers' Receipts-  Family Place collects the cash register receipts from Coopers.  $5000 worth of receipts (not including tobacco ) will get a $25 gift certificate.  Drop off the receipts at Family Place.

Campbell's soup labels-  Fraser Canyon Playschool will redeem any collected labels for educational supplies.  The "Labels for Education" program can provide educators with anything from globes to sports equipment.  Drop off any labels at the playschool.

Dairyland labels or UPCs-  North Bend School will redeem the labels for computer supplies.

Recycling depot  receipts-  Boston Bar School has entered into a year long competition with a cash prize in  June for the school that recycles the most containers per student.   When you take your recycling into the depot in Hope keep the receipts and  drop them off at the school.

    Remember, you do not need to have kids to help the schools, when we take care of the kids we take care of our future.