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                          Issue #03   Feb. 4, 02

Forest Management continues despite
demise of Forest Renewal BC

by Jeffrey Castellas, Sheer Knowledge Inc.

    So what is happening to Forest Renewal BC? The answer after March 31st 2002 it is history ! However, there is a new $134 million "program" under development known as the Forest Investment Account. It will be led by government and delivered by the forestry industry. The thrust is Sustainable Forest Management. Now what the heck does that mean you might ask? Well at this time we are not completely sure but I think it means getting dollars back into land bases just as we have been doing in the Fraser Canyon. We expect that the great work of Teal Jones Group - J.S.Jones Division under the direction of Gary Aitken will continue as planned with enhanced forestry and environmental restoration projects. The dollars may be a bit less but the results of the work will be just as successful if not better as we maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
    We invite you to review our reports that demonstrate "Sustainability in Action" with the Teal Jones Group, Boothroyd, Boston Bar, and Kanaka Bar Bands, SheerKnowledge consultants, local contractors, and the community all working together in the Nahatlatch and Kwoiek. The work we are doing addresses economic, environmental and social needs - hopefully part of the next step is to prepare a sustainability plan for each watershed and measure our performance on objectives.
    Reports may be obtained by logging on to The Fraser Canyon Express website to download the documents in .PDF format. While you're online, you can also also explore the website of Sheerknowledge, through an URL on the "LINKS" page.

                                   By Phone:  " Thanks a lot to the Highways Department, for their           
                                      efforts cleaning the roads after the snowfall.  I think they are   
                                      doing an excellent job"                 ---Maxine

                                   Face to Face:  These past few  weeks, so many people stopped to              
                                        tell me how much they enjoy this paper.   I  would like to let     
                                        everyone know that your comments mean so much to me. I            
                                        love to hear that the articles, puzzles and the kids sections are being enjoyed, and that the next issue is eagerly awaited.  The events in Town Notepad are marked on my readers' calendars, and the classifieds are thoroughly perused.  I am happy to have been able to expand the territory of "The Fraser Canyon Express" to include Lytton. All you folks in Lytton, don't forget that people from the rest of the canyon would be happy to attend your special functions, post it here, if it`s non-profit, it`s free~!!   Welcome to all our new readers!                                                                    -----C.Kimber, editor  
                                         A Poem           by Tamara
To say you know someone,
is a statement of the unknown.
To risk your sensitivity is a challenge
that should be taken if you don't want to be alone.

To feel some kind of friendship for someone,
is very special, I take this one.
Knowing that a day will come, when we'll part in good or bad.
A time that we'll cherish together, in laughter and in tears.
To save a space in my heart, now empty, filled with pain and fears.

Knowing that special someone, for quite difficult parts of my life,
you being there did stop the pain.
Now I know and realize the risk was not worth taking,
and so I stand alone.
With a piece of my heart. Falling apart.

    North Bend Railroader Retires after 35 years

    Canadian Pacific Railways is one good man short as of this month.  Darol Beauchamp celebrated his retirement Saturday afternoon with a surprise party dinner and dance.
    After 35 years working for CP, Darol had seen many changes to the railroad, he remembers wooden boxcars with coal and wood stoves.  Outfitted with kerosene lanterns, the trains were usually run by a much larger crew than the trains these days.  The caboose, always excitedly anticipated by  watching kids, would flash by in a blaze of red, with the tail end conductor and  brakemen on board.
     Darol operated the swing crane, which was equipped with a large magnet.  Crews would toss  spikes and steel waste off to the side of the tracks and Darol would use the magnet to pick up this steel and transfer it into a gondola car.
     Many people attended his surprise party, hosted by Elsie Campbell and Margaret Hendrickson, to wish him well. Friends and family danced to music provided by the talented DJs, Brittany Conkin and Tyler Shephard, and ,we are told, the celebrations went on late into the night.