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                             Issue #11

Police Crack down on Drug Dealers

    This past week was extremely productive for  RCMP officers who made several arrests in two separate drug busts.  
    Police pulled  a vehicle over in Boston Bar and found a quantity of "crack" cocaine sufficient to warrant a trafficking charge for three local residents.  The bust occurred as the result of an on-going investigation and names of the two men and one woman will be released as soon as charges are formally laid.  Trafficking is an indictable federal offence and if convicted, under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, a person could receive up to 10 years in federal prison.  The three suspects were released with a court date of July 22nd.
    In a separate incident, almost 100 marijuana plants were seized from a grow operation in Spuzzum.  The plants were fully mature and police calculate they would have been ready to harvest within just a few days.  One man, the renter of the house, was detained. Charges of cultivation of a controlled substance are pending. This bust also occurred as the result of an on-going investigation.
    Alexandra Bridge was once again the scene of a theft from a vehicle.  The owner of the car pulled into the rest area to use the bathroom, and someone climbed through his sunroof and stole a purse containing money and credit cards.  The credit cards were subsequently used in Hope, and police are hopeful that security cameras may have captured an image of the thief.  
    May Day was an eventful time for all members of our community, but for the police it was very quiet.  The highway has been quiet ,with no accidents, but lots of speeders.
    Police would like to remind residents that they welcome any information regarding illegal drug activity.  Any tips will definitely be acted upon, and the person providing the information will always remain anonymous.
Dear editor,

Thanks for the link to your little world on the other side of the continent. Reading and nosing around your website has taken precedence over showering and going to work. In the words of the ancient philosopher Yoda "Ummm, Neat it is!"
                                                                            Thanks, Randy- Hamilton, Ontario
               Merry  Melodies at Conkin Home

by Janet Baughman

    On Tuesday, May 21 at 4:00 pm a piano recital was held at Dave and Charlene Conkin's. The five students presented a lovely performance for their family members and friends.
    Dawn Hedrick began with a difficult arrangement of O Canada. She followed this with a nice job of "Pop Goes the Weasel", "Sing, Bird, Sing", and "Animal Band". Dawn only began to play this last September and she has done exceptionally well.
    Katie Conkin performed second, playing "Happy New Year', "Trapeze Artist", and the well-known folk song, "This Land is Our Land". This was a new method of playing for Katie, where she was playing her own accompaniment and she did a fine job.
    Next to perform was Matthew Ayers. He gave a great performance of "Rockets", "Indian Drums", and the familiar sounds of "Chimes" with nice pedal work. Matthew has only had about twelve lessons and had a long break due to his broken thumb this spring and he has done very well.
    Following Matthew was Chelsea Harry. Chelsea played the Walt Disney song, "A Dream is a Wish" from Cinderella, with it's very difficult chord arrangement. She followed this with "Soccer is my Favourite", and finished with her own arrangement of the hauntingly beautiful traditional song, "Greensleeves". Nice work Chelsea!
    Alyssa Conkin finished the performance with "Roller Skate Rock", "Swingin' Beat", and the well-known hymn, "Amazing Grace". Alyssa is also learning to play her own arrangement, and played well. All the students did a great job and their performance was enjoyed by all the guests. Charlene served tea and goodies, and everyone had a good time. Thanks to all who helped get ready. Nice job kids!

New Playground Equipment
for Family Place

          As representatives of The Enhancement Society, last year, Crystal Kimber and Pat Clelland submitted a proposal to Make Children First Community Grants Project. The proposal criteria was to enhance an existing facility for children aged birth to six years old.  After their initial proposal was accepted, the two women attended a day long workshop in Chilliwack to "plead their case" to a large group of peers, who were also in attendance to present their own proposals.  Since funds were limited, the competition was stiff.
     As a result of their team work, our community now has $12,800 to go towards  new Little Tikes playground equipment,  new computers and software for Family Place and new toys and books.  The equipment should be arriving any day so keep an eye out, and please drop by Family Place to watch the installation or even lend a helping hand.  A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be held to celebrate the new equipment once it is installed.  Watch for announcements.

From The Chair- Boston Bar /North Bend Enhancement Society - condensed version
         Well, the first quarter is almost over, how time flies.  On February 12th, four newly elected directors came to the table green as spring saplings.  I believe they will all agree with me when I say we were revved with excitement and full of ambition, ready to work for you, and with you, toward the betterment of our community.  
         Volunteers by sheer force of numbers and commitment can make a huge impact on a country, think for a moment what impact we can have on our own small community.
    As we all know though, volunteer work is just, and the fun won't start until the work begins to pay off.  Sometimes the result is right away as in the case of a special event, but sometimes the results won't be seen until some time far into the future, maybe even years later under the administration of a whole new board of directors.  In our hearts, seeing the results of everyone's hard work and dedication being enjoyed by our community.. That is the ultimate satisfaction!
                        Towards those distant goals, we find ourselves making our presence known with the powers that be, attending meetings, fostering relationships with the decision-makers, having our say and being so very proud to be a voice for Boston Bar and North Bend.
     Many suggestions and inspirations are sent our way from outside these canyon walls, my e-mail is full everyday with messages, invitations, and helpful information; so many people from our neighbouring communities are happy to see our involvement, and are generously including me on their mailing lists.  But, how can we know where to focus our energies?
     Misunderstandings and misconceptions can, and have led to conflicts, with past boards and with this one.  We would not like to see this kind of a situation occur in the future, and so we stress the importance of open communication  between this society and every member of this community.  Thus, we encourage as much involvement from you, our community, as you can offer.  We are a public society, committed to donating time in service to you, but we need your input.  Making responsible, informed decisions on behalf of our community is of utmost importance to this board.  
    With the society's original mission to explore, document, develop  and celebrate our unique heritage, it has, through time and considerable hard work from past members of the board, evolved to encompass  a much broader range of pursuits.  The BB/NBES has become a true, effective force in the research, acquisition and administration of many social development projects, while still being able to focus considerable efforts towards our original intents.  Let's work together to make this community as great as it can be.
          Would you like more information about  projects currently administered by the Enhancement Society?   Give us a call,  604-867-9501                                          Crystal Kimber, President

Note** Crystal Kimber resigned as chair in July 2002 , current chair as of Jan 1, 2003, is Lloyd Forman of North Bend