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Issue #15

FVRD Update
by Terry Raymond

    I am still investigating incorporation for our area. While on the outset it looks good, there are a lot of costs that have to be figured in; insurance, building and related costs, staff - administrator and a support staff member, maintenance person and related costs. So while the community may have more say in what happens ( Mayor and council) with their tax monies and what kind of services and by-laws they may want the tax burden may be to much on both businesses and the home owners at this time.
    We are still working diligently on ensuring safe drinking water for Boston Bar. Grants have been applied for to look at infrastructure (proper waterline service) and the feasibility of well water versus surface water. Yes safe drinking water will come with a cost to the users but if we, the water users take the lead we can decide how much. For those who are accepting lets work together so that we can control what happens before the province imposes the safe drinking water act and they take control. I will be having a meeting with the executive of the Mile and a quarter system to propose an amalgamation of water systems and to discuss improvements that are needed to provide safe drinking water.
    We have received about $22,500.00 total in grants from the Provincial and Federal governments for the Almer Carlson Pool.  This money will be used to install solar panels for heating the water  therefore eliminating the dependency on propane. We hope to begin work on them this year. A big thanks goes to Chuck Jensen, Director of Recreation, for his work on acquiring the grants.
    While it seems to take forever I am still working on having someone local looking after water, sewer and other works in our communities that are currently being done from Chilliwack. There are still a few glitches that have to be worked out such as will they be contractors, excluded or included staff, but we are close to having someone from our communities doing the work required in our communities.
Wondering what I did with the airline tickets that I won at the wild game dinner. Well, I sent my mum off to Ottawa to visit her sister she is there now and enjoying it very much except for the hot, humid weather. Again my thanks to the Lions Club and I look forward to the next wild game dinner.
Town Notepad
Children's Bowling Tournament

Canyon Lanes is planning a children's tournament and they would like to be able to supply every child who enters with a gift.  The tournament is tentatively scheduled for August 28th, but before the date can be confirmed, Canyon Lanes needs to have at least 20 prizes.  You are being asked to donate either prizes or cash to buy prizes.  This is the first time Canyon Lanes has planned an event such as this and they are hoping to have a huge success.  For more information or to donate a gift/prize/cash, contact Canyon Lanes at 604-867-8800 or leave a message and someone will call you back.

Donate your Used Eyeglasses to the Poor

The Christian Blind Mission will take all old used eyeglasses and give them to the poor in Africa.  You can donate your glasses by taking them to the Post Office, Maureen will then give them to Jean Keery who will box them up and ship them to the Mission in Ontario.  Last November, she sent over fifty pairs, and says that any prescription and non-prescription reading glasses are suitable to donate, as long as the frames are still good.  The arms can be broken, however, as this will be repaired before they are sent for distribution. If you would like more information, pamphlets are available at the Post Office.

New Playground Equipment for Family Place

    A work party is being scheduled for August 11th, to install the new playground equipment at Family Place.  Volunteers are requested  to please come and assist, bring your wheelbarrows and shovels and rakes.  The existing ground cover, will be replenished with fresh woodchips, donated by J S Jones.  So a pick-up truck or two would be much appreciated.  The flower beds and lawns of the Family Place will be cleaned up and weeded and perennial flowers will be planted.  If anyone has tulip bulbs or irises or lilies or similar plants that you would like to donate to Family Place, or if you would like to volunteer your time, you are welcome to phone Crystal Kimber anytime, 604-867-9094. Once the playground is completed, a ribbon-cutting and community BBQ is planned, keep an eye out for posters announcing the date of the event.

Enhancement Society Chair and Director's Positions available

    The Boston Bar/North Bend Enhancement Society request interested person's to submit their name to be considered for the positions of Chair and Director.  For more information concerning duties and expectations, contact any member of the Enhancement Society, 604-867-9501, or mail your name to Box 251, Boston Bar.  

"Computing With Confidence"
-Ask a Computer Pro ---Online Adventures---Webmaster tips and more!
    Have you ever seen pictures on the internet that you thought were impossible?  Someone's head on another person's body perhaps, or a celebrity in a compromising situation.  These pictures are amazingly easy to recreate with just a little knowledge of your Microsoft paint program. Let's start by exchanging heads in  photos. You will need to have two photos in your files to work with, don't worry, they will not be permanently changed.  First thing to do is click start, point to programs, point to accessories and click on paint.   **Click on file, click on open and choose a picture from your documents file that you want to take a head from (click the little arrow to show all files) click on Open.  Now you should have  the first photo open in Paint.  Click the tool that looks like a star , this is freehand select,  pretend that this is a pair of scissors, click and hold your mouse where you want to start cutting, move around the outside edge of the head while holding the mouse button down, don't let go until you've gone all the way around! Let go of the mouse button  and right click on the area you just  outlined, click copy.  Close this picture by clicking the little X in the right hand corner of the window, when prompted to save, click no.  Repeat from ** to open the second picture that will receive the new head, once the second picture is open, click the tool that looks like a dotted rectangle, right click once  and  click paste.  The head will be on top of the second picture now but before you click anywhere you must        
                                                                                          make the head transparent. Click the button on               
                                                                                           the bottom of the tool bar that looks  like a         
                                                                                           transparent green block on top of two other              
                                                                                           coloured shapes. Hold your mouse on the head
                                                                                           and a four way arrow should appear. Click and
                                                                                           hold  the mouse button down while you move the
                                                                                           head over into position.  You can then save the
                                                                                           finished product by clicking file and then clicking
                                                                                           save as , this will save the new picture with a new
                                                                                           name. You should get a lot of laughs from putting
                                                                                           Mickey Mouse's  head on  a celebrity's body or
                                                                                           even giving yourself the body you've always
                                                                                           wanted!  If you make any mistakes, just click edit
                                                                                           and click undo to cancel out your last action.
                                                                                           Different programs will let you do this many times
                                                                                           in a row until all actions are undone!

                                                                                          Online Adventure: www.

 Sponsored by Free Rein Associates Hope BC

Two More Nights of Symphony of Fire

 The Symphony of Fire fireworks display happens every year at Vancouver's English Bay.  This year's Symphony of Fire is almost over , with only two nights left.  On August 7th Spain will present it's entry, Spain was the 2001 winner.  On August 10,  all of the countries will blend their talents in the Grand finale.  If you decide to go down to see the show, there are a few things to keep in mind.  
-Plan to use public transportation or arrive very early to find your way around, as some streets will be closed and parking spots will be sparse.
-Don't go all the way from Boston Bar, just to see the fireworks.  Sure it's a great show but not worth a three to four hour drive. Combine your day with something else.  Go to the aquarium and see the baby beluga, take a picnic lunch, and let the kids pick shells and bring a  novel to read on the beach.
-.Plan to take pictures!  Many people shy away from taking photos of fireworks, but why?  Some startling photos can be taken with just a few quick adjustments to your camera.  First, don't use a flash, if you can't disable your flash, cover it with a piece of tape.  Hold your camera very steady, or use a tripod.  Use colour film,  and rolls of 36 exposure films, so you won't have to change film in the dark so often.  Set the focus to infinity.  If you have a point-and shoot camera, cover the focus sensor with tape, this will aim it for infinity. Finally, the best tip of all, include an object in the bottom of the photo; a crowd of people, the barge, or a building or tree, this will establish scale and location.  This is also a good thing to remember when taking photos of sunsets or skyscapes.
    If you decide this is the year to enjoy the show, be prepared for lots of crowds,  lots of great food and entertainment from merchants along the streets.  Some pubs and restaurants offer specials for the nights of the show.

Announcing Virginia Neish as New President for
Hope Canadian Cancer Society

"The Canadian Cancer society is very pleased to announce that Virginia Neish has agreed to become the President for the Hope Unit.  We are delighted that Virginia, who has been a volunteer driver for the society since 1997, is now leading the Hope volunteers in our mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer" says Bryce Dudley, President, Fraser Valley Region, Canadian Cancer society.
    Virginia originally lived in Hope in the 1940's and still has a few connections from "back then".  She raised her three children in Kamloops (now grown, two are teachers and one is a doctor) and loves her eight grandchildren.
    Virginia graduated from  Simon Fraser University with a BA in English plus Professional Development in 1971.  Following a move to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1978 she remarried and spent the next 15 years on a hobby farm.  She also worked with several provincial organizations, so travelled over most of the province, promoting the Saskatchewan Senior Games, and in her last year there, as President of Saskatchewan Senior Fitness, she was involved in the first Canadian Senior Games in Regina, September 1996.
    When Virginia moved back to Hope in October 1996, two years after her husband passed away, she became involved with the Canadian Cancer Society Volunteer Driver Program, and soon after, Hospice and prison visitation through M2W2.  She has always been involved in church and her hobbies are singing, gardening and crafting.
    Virginia invites anyone interested in volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society to contact her at 604-869-3522